Img Shot

Image Hosting


ImgShot is a simple and accessible image hosting service. The ImgShot service are subject to these Terms of Service.

I. Modifications to Terms of Service

ImgShot reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service at any time. When we update these Terms of Service, the text of the link (on the homepage) will change to show the date of the last update to tell you any change.

II. Modifications to service

ImgShot reserves the right to modify or delete the service without consulting the user. In the case of a radical change, an announcement message will be placed on the home page a few days before.

III. Image Use

We do not give or sell any images we have on our servers. The images are saved with an random unique name, so it's accesible only if you have the link. You can have the link after you send a picture on the site, once the verification is done.

IV. Image Sharing

Sharing images is permitted for personal use as you respect the copyright. You can't use our service to advertise or sell.
If you have buy an image hosted on our site, we can not reimburse you, but you can contact us on Twitter, indicate the link of the image and we can delete that illegal image.


Project developed by Matiboux ( - French)